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Log on the Universal Consciousness and start Channelling

To log on, you must first find a quiet comfortable place where you can relax. Total relaxation causes your brainwaves to switch from beta to alpha waves. You must then clear your mind of all negative thoughts and mentally reach out to the Universal Consciousness. On contact, you must hold your mind and body perfectly still until a divine connection is made. You know you are connected when you start hearing, in the form of a dialogue, the thoughts, words and deeds of individuals who are still alive as well as those who has passed on. Such recorded dialogue is the most accurate, uncensored account of events that has, is and will be occurring in our universe. This record has been given many names but the one which best defines it, is 'The Book Of Life' (BOL). Only shaman can do this I hear you say. It's true, historically shamans, psychics and medicine men have been fascinated by the existence of the book and some have even dedicated their lives to this spiritual quest. A celebrated few succeeded, Nostradamus in the middle ages and  Edgar Cayce in this century. But most failed because they tried too hard, a bit like cracking a nut with a sledge hammer. Instead of sliding gently into daydream or the Alpha zone they shot straight past into first delta (light sleep) then theta (deep sleep) zones. As we all know, the latter is the domain of dreams inhabited by nightmares created by our own subconscious often to assist in solving task in our daily lives. Channeling is easy and simple and despite it's notoriety, the most non-dramatic of all paranomal activities. Since we need to record what we hear, we need to be awake and relaxed enough not to be bothered by everyday concern but not too relaxed to send us to sleep. Silence, with only non-intrusive natural noise plus a lot of practice to stay mentally focussed in the zone, definitely helps. Everyone can accessed the Universal Human Consciousness, provided they are able to conquer their fear of surrendering themselves to an unseen and unknown force. Naturally those among you who can love unconditionally, that is giving a part of yourself to another with no expectation of reward or gain, makes great channelers. However I must insist on caution here. In all supernatural quest you bring along all your baggage including your angels and demons. For those with bad intentions who wish to exploit this connection, you do so at your own peril. Practice is therefore the key to prepare and sharpen your  mental well-being before embarking on this quest. In the meantime take a look at the records I have collected over the past few years. These have been published online as the Book of life Part 1, 2 and 3. I've called their contents, Chapters since they represent sections of a Book. Some calls it voices  from the future. This is partly true. The extraordinary by product of this process is hearin words from the past, the present as well as the future. It can range from a few days to weeks, months or even years in either direction. The only drawback is what we hear cannot be selected, ordered or controlled as yet. As the Bible says, 'If its origin is webbed in deceit, it will be blown away like grains of sand with the passage of time but if it's true and divine, it will stand the test of time and will never die.' Remember you have a Spiritual Essence  which is immortal. It has been here before and will again. Remember you are here to learn the DivineTruth.  The Divine truth will assist, over a number of lifetime, towards your Soul Destiny or Individual Evolution. The sum total of all personal truth will lead to Ascension  which is the Collective evolution of humankind and this, in turn, will result in man discovering the true nature of God. It is our duty, therefore to discover, which aspect of Spiritual Truth we need to learn in this lifetime and apply oursleves willingly to it's realisation. Please note that Divine truth is not the same as 'the truth' that we human pursue so relentlessly  in our everday life. Everyone has a different version of that truth, or point of view, about any incident and this is often a negative response to our big ego and is no truth at all, in the spiritual sense. Divine truth, however, is an understanding of the Nature of God and our tiny part within the Divine Universal Mechanism


THE BOOK OF LIFE is a term referring to a universal library with records of every occurring thought, word, action and deed. It is sometimes called the Akashic Records.
The BOOK OF LIFE is a cosmic or collective consciousness. This human consciousness has been referred to, down the ages, by different names including the Cosmic Mind, the Universal Mind, the collective unconscious, or the collective subconscious.

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There has been many ascended beings on this earth and Anandamayi Ma (1896 - 1981) deserves special mention. She is often described as The 'Blissful Mother' who was a Channel for Religious Emotion.

Other Notable Historical Channelers: Ismael Boulliau - France: Priest,  Scientist, Librarian and Astronomer.  Michel De Notre Dame - France: Physician, Astrologer.  Edgar Cayce - USASurgeon, Spiritual Healer and Christian Medium

SOS Section: May the light of God embraces you with love and merciful healing

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